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Subscribing to RubyTapas Using Downcast

Avdi’s Ruby Tapas are a fantastic resource for learning pieces of Ruby. Now that he and DPD have enabled iTunes-compatible RSS feeds of the videos it’s easier than ever to stay current with the videos.

Today I’m just going to share the steps required to add Ruby Tapas to Downcast on your iPhone or iPad. It’s very easy, but it’s handy to have all the steps in one place.

1. Open Downcast

First, open Downcast and make sure that you’re on the podcast list.

2. Click the “Add Podcasts” button

Since Ruby Tapas requires a subscription you won’t find it listed in the regular iTunes categories or Downcast search. We’ll have to do it ourselves!

3. Click “Add Podcast Manually”

The screen that opens just needs three pieces of information: the feed url, your username, and your password.

The feed url for Ruby Tapas is https://rubytapas.dpdcart.com/feed

Your username and password are just your regular Ruby Tapas username and password.

4. Click “Subscribe”

Once you’ve filled in all the required information just click “Subscribe” in the top right. You’re all set!

5. Download past episodes

  1. From the RubyTapas subscription screen, click “View other available episodes”
  2. click “Edit” in the bottom left
  3. click “Select” in the bottom right to select all, or just select the specific episodes you want
  4. click the download button

Or, to just download them all instead of clicking Edit/Select, just click the download button from the list of the episodes.

There you go, now you have no excuse not to be watching Ruby Tapas right as they come out.

Ruby Tapas?

Yes! They’re great. Especially Episode 11.

If you don’t yet subscribe, I recommend checking out the tapas that are freely available:

Huh, it looks like Avdi’s following the equation 3n - 2 for free episodes. We’ll see if episode 13 keeps that pattern going. :-)


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