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Coffee Taster: An Easy CoffeeScript Development Environment for Ruby Developers

Announcing the first release of Coffee Taster! An easy to install, easy to use CoffeeScript development environment for Ruby developers.

Getting started

First make sure you’re using RVM.

  1. git clone git://github.com/sdball/coffee-taster.git
  2. cd coffee-taster
  3. bundle install
  4. rake watch
  5. Open index.html in a browser.

Hey-y-y-y! Check that out. Your browser just ran some CoffeeScript (that was compiled into JavaScript when you ran the rake watch command).

It gets better!

Open coffee/main.coffee

$(document).ready ->
  $('ol').after('<h2>Hello from coffee-taster! (Added from coffee/main.coffee)</h2>')

Change it somehow.

$(document).ready ->
  $('ol').after('<h2>Whoa. This is awesome.</h2>')

And refresh your browser. Yeah!

No you’ll be able to follow along with just about any basic CoffeeScript tutorial, including those that manipulate the DOM or use jQuery. Like my jQuery Event Binding in CoffeeScript article on CoffeeScript Cafe.

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